Get Wise to Solar with EnergySage

Have you ever been on a road trip and driven past giant fields of — no, not cows or corn — solar panels? Or driven around your neighborhood and noticed them on your neighbors’ roofs? The trend is clear: solar is the new black; fossil fuels are on their way out and renewables on their way in.

With climate change stirring up ever more severe weather events, the switch to renewables has never been more vital — nor has it been easier, thanks to EnergySage, a self-proclaimed “solar matchmaker.” By pre-screening installers to add to their network and providing quotes and comparisons for their customers, EnergySage connects homeowners with upwards of 500 solar installers.

According to EnergySage’s Energy Advisor Matt Schuler,

[EnergySage wants] to create an opportunity for customers to search for solar and clean energy solutions through an avenue that both simplifies the process of collecting and comparing options, while allowing them to more effectively educate and orient themselves to the solution that best fits their specific needs.

The need for solar goes beyond just those who own their own homes, though, and EnergySage has a solution for that as well. Not only do they find solar installers that fit customers’ budgets, but they also run a unique program that allows non-homeowners to get in on the solar energy movement too, even if they live in a sprawling apartment complex like myself.

With their Community Solar program, essentially a solar subscription service, customers can purchase clean energy generated at a local plant at a discount. When it’s time to pay off a utility bill, customers will receive a credit, which can save 5–10% of annual electricity costs. In this way, EnergySage “democratizes solar in ways the industry has not seen until now,” shares Partnerships Specialist and EnergySage Community Solar subscriber Anna Hagadorn.

Additionally, as a PIPs Partner, EnergySage awards PIPs users 5,000 PIPs for joining the EnergySage community. That’s a lot of PIPs, and they can be immediately redeemed for gift cards or saved up and converted into grants for school.

“From personal wellness to sustainable living, PIPs helps people do well by doing good, which is at the core of what we do at EnergySage,” Vice President of Partnerships Tess O’Brien says. “By partnering with PIPs, we can reward those that make the switch to solar.”

I must say, the future is looking brighter already.

To learn more about EnergySage and going solar, visit

Mikayla Zeitlin
Communications & Marketing Associate, PIPs Rewards LLC
October 7, 2021




Probing behavioral science, PIPs explores questions like: Why reward people for doing things they should do anyway? Learn more:

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PIPs Rewards

PIPs Rewards

Probing behavioral science, PIPs explores questions like: Why reward people for doing things they should do anyway? Learn more:

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